What about Murder? (1981-1991): A Guide to Books about Mystery and Detective Fiction

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November 1993



This supplement covers over 350 titles in the original categories plus more than 200 entries in a new category: mystery anthologies with reference value.


Jon L. Breen, a librarian at Rio Hondo College, Whittier, CA, is the author of six mystery novels and over fifty short stories. Two of his Scarecrow titles, the original What About Murder? and Novel Verdicts: A Guide to Courtroom Fiction (1984) have won Edgars, while Synod of Sleuths: Essays on Judeo-Christian Detective Fiction (1990), co-edited with Martin H. Greenberg, won an Anthony.


...an invaluable reference source, and just plain fun to read. Contact Is Not A Verb His descriptions of secondary sources are often opinionated and just as often amusing and on target...A recommended purchase for all public libraries and for academic libraries where the genre is collected or studied. Library Journal Breen has the skill to describe books concisely and the broad knowledge to make valuable recommendations...a pleasure to read. Wilson Library Bulletin As a scholar-librarian, [Breen] is able to judge books for their usefulness and accuracy. As a critic, Breen is not afraid to make value judgments on books...for readers of mystery fiction serious enough to be reading The Armchair Detective, this book is indispensable. The Armchair Detective ...a testimony to the explosion of books about the genre...an excellent book. The annotations are knowledgeable, witty and very readable...If you have an interest in the detective story and what people say about it then this book should be on your shelf. Don't miss it. Cads This is an absolutely must have book for any true mystery fan or collector. Mystery and Detective Monthly ...This volume is highly recommended for all libraries. Research Quarterly ...coverage is comprehensive, and so it will certainly be a useful acquisition for many reference collections... Reference Reviews ...a welcome sequel to the original...which was winner of the Edgar Allan Poe Award. This too deserves the accolade given to the original by Ellery Queen as a "landmark, brilliant...written with charm and authority."...a labour of love in which we can all share and benefit... Library Association Record ...Breen writes with the sureness of a person possessing an encyclopedic knowledge of the field. His writing style is reader-friendly, being conversational in tone and never pedantic. American Reference Books Annual Breen's citations provide all the bibliographic data necessary for locating the volume...Equally important, Breen's entries are witty, pithy, and knowledgeable. Booklist
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