The Phoenix Award of the Children's Literature Association, 1985-1989

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The Phoenix Award of the Children's Literature Association International (ChLA), begun in 1985, is given to the author of a children's book first published twenty years earlier that did not win a major award then but is deemed worthy of special recognition for its high literary quality. These volumes bring together the acceptance speeches of the award-winning writers. During the first five years the award was given to: Rosemary Sutcliff, Robert Burch, Leon Garfield, Erik Christian Haugaard, and Helen Cresswell, with papers about the award-winning books and the honor books by Milton Meltzer and Adrienne Richard and biographies of the writers and bibliographies of their books for children.


Alethea Helbig, Professor, and Agnes Perkins, Professor Emeritus, English Language and Literature, Eastern Michigan University, have taught and published children's literature for many years and were instrumental in initiating master's and undergraduate programs in children's literature at Eastern Michigan. Perkins has served on the Phoenix selection committee, and Helbig has chaired the committee from its inception and is a past president of ChLA. They have published a series of encyclopedia works on fiction for children published by Greenwood and have also compiled three poetry anthologies (with Helen Hill; Crowell). Both have published numerous articles on children's literature and are working on supplements to the dictionaries of children's fiction and a book on multicultural imaginative literature for young people.


...another cause for rejoicing... Signal This is a fascinating volume of information...a useful text. Library Association Record The pleasures of this volume lie primarily in the sensation of listening in upon a group of informed, articulate debaters as their diverse critical voices discuss each title. It is exhilarating to read the range of perceptions concerning this group of significant writers. And it is striking to reassess the tremendous talent of the early 1970s...a fascinating resource for teachers and students of children's literature and student research in secondary schools... Emergency Librarian
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