The Journalist as Autobiographer

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Juli 1993



The first in-depth study of journalists as autobiographers, it suggests new ways to think about self, work, writing, and the culture that binds them together.


Howard Good (BA, literature, Bard College; MA, journalism, University of Iowa; Ph.D., American culture, University of Michigan) is Associate Professor of Journalism, SUNY, New Paltz. He has published Acquainted With the Night: The Image of Journalists in American Fiction, 1890-1930 and Outcasts: The Image of Journalists in Contemporary Film (Scarecrow, 1986, 1989), as well as numerous scholarly articles. He worked on daily newspapers in Michigan, North Carolina, and North Dakota.


...makes a genuine and original contribution to the history of American journalism. Journalism History Many voices from within the human sciences are urging further study of precisely this 'kind of story.' Good...[has] contributed significantly to the effort, with noteworthy case studies of how human destiny unfolds within the intricate web woven by of self-description and cultural role-playing. Journal Of Communication Professor Good has given us a clear and entertaining study of something that is hardly arguable. His scholarship is sound, and while inevitably there will be challenges from other scholars, he has thrown new light on a relatively neglected aspect of cultural history. Publishing Research Quarterly This book will be of interest to the many journalists and local historians who write about this region and the lives that have been lived here...Samuel Good has distilled much of the heretofore haphazard wisdom of autobiographical writing. He offers many 'how-to' prescriptions for would-be writers... Bookends
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