Gay and Lesbian American Plays: An Annotated Bibliography

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Mai 1993



Documents the explosion of contemporary gay and lesbian theater, and provides a single reference for American gay and lesbian plays, playwrights, and companies.


Ken Furtado (Georgetown University; Arizona State) teaches mathematics and computer science at the high school and college levels. He has written a computer textbook and has a volume of poetry forthcoming. Also a freelance technical writer, he reviews books and films for a regional news magazine. Nancy Hellner (Kearney State College; Ph.D., Arizona State) teaches English and humanities at the college level and reviews books for various publications.


...provides more than its title would indicate...In addition to a synopsis, the annotation for each work includes number of acts, characters, sets, first performance, and publication or agent information when available. In the index of plays by title, the authors have used a set of one-letter codes that provide quick information on the content of the plays...Any serious theater collection will include this title. The Journal of Academic Librarianship ...the present volume is a valuable resource. Theatre Journal What is most impressive about the volume is its sheer numbers...The book is most impressive, showing what an enormous body of literature has developed in this category in just ten years. Stonewall News Of Ny ...a comprehensive and ably up-to-date reference work with short, clear descriptions of hundreds of works...unique. Feminist Bookstore News ...welcome...will help teachers and librarians guide users...good collection development tools for librarians concerned with gay and lesbian studies,...must-haves for any gay and lesbian archive. Booklist ...excellent guide... Highly recommended, for all libraries with strong drama, theater, and gay/lesbian collections. College & Research Libraries (C&RL) ...a welcome addition to the increasing number of reference sources for this rapidly growing literature...provides the most extensive listing yet available. Recommended for college, university, and large public libraries. CHOICE Furtado and Hellner's welcome bibliography will make the reference and collection-building tasks of librarians much less cumbersome. It provides long-needed bibliographic access...essential for identifying the dozens of important and less-important gay and lesbian plays produced throughout the 1980s...a substantial achievement. Reference Quarterly A welcome addition...work functions as both bibliography and directory...collections of modern and contemporary drama should not be without it. American Reference Books Annual The book is useful to theatre scholars, educators, and practitioners. Theatre Research International
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