The Literature of Rock III: 1984-1990: With Additional Material for the Period 1954-1983

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Continues the objectives of the original volume: to act as a pathfinder in the study of rock music for both the serious student and the interested enthusiast, and to serve as a guide to the vast quantities of material on the subject for librarians and educators.


B. Lee Cooper is Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs at the College of Great Falls in Montana. He has written eight books on popular music. Frank Hoffman is Associate Professor, Department of Library Science, Sam Houston State University.


Libraries that have the earlier two volumes know their value and should acquire the third without skipping a beat. Even public and academic libraries that lack those volumes can use this one independently and effectively. Wilson Library Bulletin ...this thorough reference, useful to scholars and informed lay readers, is recommended for both specialized and general collections in public and academic libraries. Library Journal This work succeeds in its attempt to provide access to that which represents the best in rock literature from 1984 to 1990. American Reference Books Annual ...presents a potpourri of subjects...a diverse collection, which could prove especially useful for tracking down articles not indexed elsewhere... Booklist
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