Historical Dictionary of Ecumenical Christianity

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Covers developments in the realms of church unity, mission and evangelism, laity, women in church and society, and many other ecumenical subjects.


Ans Joachim van der Bent has been the director of the Library and Archives of the World Council of Churches in Geneva from 1963 to 1985, and its Ecumenical World Research Officer from 1985 to 1989. He has published some 20 reference works and ecumenical monographs, and some 100 articles in ecumenical journals. He has a living knowledge and comprehensive memory of the 20th century ecumenical movement.


...an essential addition to any college, university, denominational, and even congregational library...We can be grateful for such a readable, concise and ready reference to the ecumenical movement and its conciliar institutions. Journal of Ecumenical Studies An indispensable handbook to twentieth-century ecumenism. Books and Media Resources ...most libraries will want to add this to their shelves. American Reference Books Annual Van der Bent's dictionary is well done. CHOICE ... particularly strong on American subjects and includes a great number of ecumenical personalities which cannot be found in other reference works. Reference and Research Book News
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