Historical Dictionary of Venezuela

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This work is an expansion and revision of the 1971 edition. The alphabetically arranged entries include information about persons, places, events, and organizations in Venezuela through 1990. There is now information about the political antecedents of the states, the federal territories, the Federal District, and the major and historically significant cities. It contains a greatly expanded bibliography of books in English and Spanish, and a chronology of significant events in Venezuelan history has been added.


Donna Keyse Rudolph was a charter reviewer for Choice, an instructor in Spanish, and a consultant in Venezuela, Peru, and Mexico with her husband. She is now a travel consultant for several states in eastern Mexico. G.A. Rudolph has twice won a Fulbright to Latin America. Among his diverse publications are bibliographies on Linnaeus, cookbooks, and World War I posters. He is now retired.


Recommended for all libraries that provide information about Venezuelan and Latin American history and culture. CHOICE This dictionary will be well used in any academic library and in large public libraries. American Reference Books Annual
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