The Phoenix Award of the Children's Literature Association, 1990-1994

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August 1996



The Phoenix Award is an award given by the Children's Literature Association to honor a book published 20 years ago deserving special recognition for its high literary quality. This new volume covers the years 1990 to 1994 and contains the papers presented on the award-winning books, as well as the honor books for each year. Information is provided about each author, including a list of his or her works for children.


Alethea Helbig, Professor, and Agnes Perkins, Professor Emeritus, English language and literature, Eastern Michigan University, have taught and published in the field of children's literature for many years. Both were instrumental in initiating master's and undergraduate programs in children's literature at Eastern Michigan. Helbig has chaired the Phoenix selection committee from its inception and is a past president of The Children's Literature Association. Perkins has also served on the Phoenix selection committee.


Reading this collection of essays is like browsing in a library that has been carefully selected for our pleasure and interest. You will find yourself wanting to read many of these books, even the ones you already know, as you realize again the achievement of these writers...this is an excellent resource for the professional collection of a school or library... VOYA ...a necessary addition to any inclusive children's literature collection. Lisca The pleasures of this volume lie primarily in the sensation of listening in upon a group of informed, articulate debaters as their diverse critical voices discuss each title...a fascinating resource for teachers and students of children's literature and student research in secondary schools. Emergency Librarian ...it is important to have at least one copy at a central service point, if only to show that quality is still important. The School Librarian
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