Story Programs: A Source Book of Materials

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Whether you are a teacher, librarian, childcare provider or parent, you will find in this wonderfully presented handbook a wellspring of ideas and information on the art of storytelling to and with pre-school and school-age children.


Carolyn Sue Peterson (M.A., Psychology & Counseling, Goodard College; M.A., Librarianship, University of Denver)served for 23 years as Head of the Children's Department of the Orlando Public Library. She was awarded the ALA Grolier Award in 1983, and the Soroptimist International of Orlando's Woman of Distinction Award in 1990. Ann D. Fenton (M.L.S., Florida State University) was head of the South Orange Library of the Orange County Library system in Orlando, Florida. She has authored several professional books including Reference Books for Children. Stefani Koorey (Ph.D., M.F.A., and M.A., Pennsylvania State University) is a freelance author, adjunct instructor, and professional storyteller.


This is a worthwhile purchase for all storytellers, including teachers, librarians, and parents. It is a good source for ideas and materials. The patterns for puppets and flannel board stories can also be used as craft projects for young learners. American Reference Books Annual The busy professional will reach for this well-organized reference many times in planning storytimes. Library Talk
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