Australasia and South Pacific Islands Bibliography

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Februar 1997



This selective bibliography of nearly 6,000 items concentrates on monographs published during the last fifty years, updating other major bibliographies on the Australasian and South Pacific region.


John Thawley, an Australian librarian, has worked for years at Australian university libraries and the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO), a leading scientific research agency. He has published bibliographies and indexes on Australian history and the Australian Aborigine and a number of books and articles on issues relevant to the library industry.


This thorough work should be acquired by research collections covering the South Pacific. It will also be useful to large general collections... American Reference Books Annual ...a timely and up-to-date bibliographic guide to two dozen countries in the region...it offers a broad general bibliographic introduction and should be regarded as a first resort for anyone new to the area...any good public library should have a copy of Thawley, as should all larger school media centers and all tertiary libraries. Australian Academic & Research Libraries ...well set out and easy to use...a much-needed reference work for the area covered. Many works previously unnoticed will now be available to researchers working in this area. Thawley is to be congratulated on his dedication in bringing this compilation together. Australian Library Journal ...welcome addition...selective and multidisciplinary...most [references] were published within the last 50 years...recommended for most library collections. CHOICE
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