Chemical and Biological Warfare: An Annotated Bibliography

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Juni 1997



Covers the history of this form of warfare, information on chemical agents themselves, as well as regulation, controls, and disposal policies. Scientific research on CBW, extending as far back as 1940 is organized under categories of CBW agents and their corresponding subheadings.


Eric Croddy, a National Security Education Program fellow from 1994 to 1996, has written articles on security-related issues for Jane's Intelligence Review.


...a single-source reference locator for information published as recently as September 1996...superb subject index...the body of the book has something for everyone interested in the topic...if you work in the nuclear, biological, or chemical fields or otherwise need to do some serious research on chemical and biological agents, plan to spend some time with Eric Croddy's thorough and evenhanded annotated bibliography. Parameters: Us Army War College Quarterly This timely reference source is a good addition for libraries of all types. American Reference Books Annual ...given the interdisciplinary nature of the topic and the lack of any competing titles, this book will be a useful addition for all academic libraries. CHOICE This work is a bibliography only and a good one... Indochina Chronology The threat of chemical and biological warfare poses special security risks for military and civilian planners. Apade ...a useful tool for scholars...valuable...for all researchers in the field. Journal of Military History This book is a well-written, informative introduction to the topic of chemical and biological warfare (CBW), as well as a useful secondary source to primary literature in this field...Recommended for science, medical, and public health libraries. Science and Technology Libraries
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