Sir Walter Wilson Greg: A Selection of His Writings

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März 1998



This book presents a selection of the writings of Sir Walter Wilson Greg (1875-1959), one of the leading bibliographers of the twentieth century and, along with R.B. McKerrow and A.W. Pollard, the founder of the New Bibliography that dominated twentieth-century textual studies. Students of the history of the book, of Shakespeare, of bibliography, and of library science will find this a valuable resource.


Joseph Rosenblum teaches English at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro and at Guilford College. He is the author of three previous books, including A Bibliographic History of the Book (Scarecrow, 1995).


This collection of essays illuminates Greg's key role in the history of 20th-century bibliographic scholarship and makes available an important sampling of his theoretical writings and critical studies. AB Bookman's Weekly Most of his seminal papers are collected here, including "The Rationale of Copy-Text", "Bibliographical Analysis" and "What is Bibliography?" The Library Association Record Scarecrow Press ha[s] produced a well-bound and clearly-printed book...Greg's ideas in bibliography and textual editing are still relevant in our electronic age. Joseph Rosenblum's excellent tribute should be in every library collecting seminal works in the humanities. Reference Reviews It is good to see before us this volume in the Great Bibliographers Series. Epilogue ...the collection will serve library science students...or graduate students in the humanities...to introduce the discipline and concepts that have shaped the scholarly literature of the second part of the century. The Papers Of The Bibliographic Society Of America
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