Hopalong Cassidy: The Clarence E. Mulford Story

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This book gives a rare glimpse into the mechanics of writing and marketing popular fiction in the first half of the century as well as a profile of an industrious and fascinating writer and his characters.


Bernard A. Drew (BA, English, Northeastern University) is a copy editor for the Lakeville Journal, a weekly newspaper in northwestern Connecticut. He edited the mystery anthology Hard-Boiled Dames (St. Martin's Pres, 1986) and has completed four popular fiction reference guides, including Lawmen in Scarlet: An Annotated Guide to Royal Canadian Mounted Police in Print and Performance (Scarecrow, 1990). He has also written a number of local Berkshire County history books including A Berkshire Photo Album (1999).


... an object lesson in how to make a reference work attractive... Million ...will be welcomed by all cowboy enthusiasts for both its documentation and its fervor. Classic Images ... a fine job... most highly recommended. Coast Book Review Service ... comprehensive... a welcome handbook for his many devotees. Film Review Annual ... Drew is to be complimented for his in-depth research into the life and soul of the creator of one of the most beloved fictional characters in Western lore. Movie Collector's World ... it's all here in this quality publication... Wrangler's Roost [Uk] An essential item for Mulford fans. Book and Magazine Collector
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