Wond'rous Machine: A Literary Anthology Celebrating the Organ

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Juni 2000



This anthology presents many of the literary expressions from writers who have tried to capture the magic of the organ for more than 2000 years-in poetry and prose, in stories, in factual and fictional accounts, in simile, and in metaphor. Literature by approximately 100 different authors, from Geoffrey Chaucer to Emily Dickinson, to Garrison Keillor, George Bernard Shaw, and Virgil Thomson, among others, are linked with commentary, background, and biographical information. This is a book with a wide variety of moods, just as the organ is an instrument with a wide variety of sounds. All are sure to appeal to the lover of this gloriously melodic instrument.


Robert N. Roth served churches in Charlottesville, Virginia, and Mamaronick, New York, before accepting concurrent positions as organist and choirmaster of the Church of St. James the Less in Scarsdale, New York, and the Free Synagogue of Westchester in Mount Vernon, New York. He has retired to Oberlin, where he continues to play the organ and conduct choirs, as well as compose, edit, and arrange music. He is currently an Affiliate Scholar at Oberlin College. His other publications include a hymnal for children entitled We Sing of God, many articles on church music in various periodicals, and numerous arrangements and original compositions for choral groups.


This anthology of poetry, novels, mysteries, short stories, and essays is a delightful find, a true celebration using the written word of the king of instruments. Buy it at once-you will have endless enjoyment. Cathedral Music ...a handsome, well-produced book...engrossing commentaries...a bedside book for organ buffs of every description. Choir & Organ Roth has sought out literary references to the organ and has compiled a fascinating book. The American Organist ...delightful anthology...indeed pleasure is the keyword here, for along with the author's accessible style and astute observations (in the brief linking comments) there is a refreshing balance of serious and profound items and witty and amusing ones. The range of material is enterprising and extensive...any organist or organ-lover will find this book a treasure-tove: there is something for everyone. Organists' Review This book is a wonderful compilation of literature on the pipe organ. The author, an organist and choirmaster for many years, has found the light as well as serious references to the noble instrument, and has presented them in five sections - poetry, novels, mysteries, short stories and essays. The Sydney Organ Overall, the collection serves several purposes: contemplative reading, thoughtful reflection, education, therapeutic escape, aesthetic satisfaction, and pure delight. Organists and friends of the organ: make way on your bookshelf for this unique, soundly conceived, effectively presented, and thoroughly engrossing contribution to organ culture. The Diapason
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