The Promises and Perils Facing Today's School Superintendent

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This book presents, in 11 chapters, a comprehensive look at the school superintendent that will be welcomed in the fields of education management and policy. Many different perspectives are represented: studying the school manager (Glass, Kowalski, and Glasman), minorities in the profession (Ortiz and Brunner), and the radical decentralization of the British school system under Thatch and Major (Campell, Powell, and Parker). Legal positions and collective bargaining are also discussed to great effect. Professors, public school educators, and policymakers should all find this book useful due to the critical nature of the superintendency.


Part 1 Human Resources Perspective Chapter 2 Dilemmas of the Modern Superintendency Chapter 3 Executive Succession Processes and Management Success for Latina Superintendents Chapter 4 Preparing Superintendents in the 21st Century Part 5 Superintendents' Relationships to Key Stakeholders Chapter 6 Carring the Torch of the Jeanes Supervisors Chapter 7 Superintendents' Views of New and Traditional Collective Bargaining Processes Chapter 8 Superintendents and Local Boards and the Potential for Community Polarization Part 9 Superintendents as Policymakers Chapter 10 Superintendent Evaluation Chapter 11 Zero Tolerance Policies and the Superintendency Part 12 The Superintendent in Context Chapter 13 The Role of the District Superintendent in Leading Academically Successful School Districts Chapter 14 Caught Betwen the State and the Market Chapter 15 Bane or Benefit? Considering the Usefulness of Research Focused on Female Superintendents 16 Index 17 About the Contributors


Bruce S. Cooper has been vice chair of the Division of Administration and Professor of Policy and Urban Education for 20 years at Fordham University. He has served as a consultant for outside firms in education and has held associate positions at the University of London, Dartmouth, and the University of Pennsylvania. Lance D. Fusarelli is an assistant professor of Policy and Urban Education at Fordham University.


Cooper and Fusarelli (both of the Department of Policy and Urban Education, Fordham, U.) offer 11 contributions examining the role of the American public school superintendent in relation to different facets of leadership. Grouped into four categories, the papers look at the human resources needs of finding and preparing superintendents, the relationship of the superintendency to stakeholders such as the unionized teacher and the local boards of education, the policymaking role of the superintendent, and the role of the superintendent in the wider context of public schooling as a whole. Reference and Research Book News The Promises and Perils Facing Today's School Superintendent is an eclectic collection of interesting essays...chapters contain useful advice...each offers ideas for consideration and action in the superintendent's world. School Administrator
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