Eight at the Top: A View Inside Public Education

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There are over 15,000 superintendents leading school districts across the United States today. Yet, despite the high visibility and prestige of the position, what superintendents actually do, on a day-to-day basis, remains mysterious to the layman and even to those in the profession. This book, authored by eight California superintendents, is a narrative telling their stories_from the professional side as well as the personal. It traces their beginnings as teachers, follows their moves into administration, and looks at the skills that they use to communicate, analyze, and succeed.


1 Knowing Your Community 2 Knowing Your Board 3 Knowing Your Organization and Its People 4 Knowing Your Students 5 Knowing Yourself 6 Biographical Sketches of the Authors


The stories are authentic and well written. Superintendents can relate to the messages. Aspiring superintendents can learn from those vicarious experiences. Board members could improve the craft of boardmanship by searching for clues within these pages...Eight at the Top is a reality check upon the nature of the superintendency and a step forward for the profession. School Administrator
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