Bulletproof Vests vs. the Ethic of Care: Which Strategy Is Your School Using?

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Februar 2003



Assists teacher educators in schools and universities in developing curricula that promote policy and practice in creating safe and nonviolent educational environments for American children.


Chapter 1 Overview of Youth and School Violence Chapter 2 Risk Factors Contributing to Youth and School Violence Chapter 3 Are Children with Special Needs Committing School Violence? Chapter 4 Theoretical Underpinnings: The Ecological Perspective and an Ethic of Care Chapter 5 Prevention of School Violence Chapter 6 Family Programs to Help Reduce Violence Chapter 7 Community Violence Prevention/Intervention


Denise Smith is an assistant professor at Indiana University South Bend, in the Department of Special Education. Before receiving her doctorate from the University of South Florida, she worked as a special education teacher for children with mild disabilities. Her current research interests include teacher reflection and school violence. She has recently co-authored a chapter on school violence and its impact on children with special needs.


Despite the siege mortality suggested in the title, the introduction and first chapter accurately portray the scope of the problem: schools are, by and large, very safe places and very little youth violence occurs in schools or is school-related. Of course, even rare instances of homicide and other serious violent acts in our schools are unacceptable and warrant our best efforts to prevent them. Journal of Moral Education A useful tool for K-12 educators... Education Week
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