Celtic Modern: Music at the Global Fringe

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November 2003



This resource offers an opportunity to reflect critically on some of the insistent 'othering' that has accompanied much cultural production in and on the Celtic World, and that have prohibited serious critical engagement with what are sometimes described as the 'traditional' and 'folk' music of Europe.


Chapter 1 Introduction Chapter 2 1 Shared Imaginations: Celtic and Corsican Encounters in the Soundscape of the Soul Chapter 3 2 Celtic Australia: Bush Bands, Irish Music, Folk Music, and the New Nationalism Chapter 4 3 Diasporic Legacies: Place, Politics, and Music among the Ottawa Valley Irish Chapter 5 4 Policing Tradition: Scottish Pipe Band Competition and the Role of the Composer Chapter 6 5 Tradition and the Imaginary: Irish Traditional Music and the Celtic Phenomenon Chapter 7 6 "Home Is Living Like a Man on the Run": John Cale's Welsh Atlantic Chapter 8 7 The Apollos of Shamrockery: Traditional Musics in the Modern Age Chapter 9 8 "Celtitude," Professionalism, and the Fest Noz in Traditional Music in Brittany Chapter 10 9 "You Cannae Take Your Music Stand into a Pub": A Conversation with Stan Reeves about Traditional Music Education in Scotland Chapter 11 10 Afterword: Gaelicer Than Thou Chapter 12 Index Chapter 13 About the Contributors


Martin Stokes is Associate Professor of Music and also the College Lecturer in Social Anthropology and Ethnomusicology at the University of Chicago. He has won the Leverhulme Trust award, the Curl Lectureship from London's Royal Anthropological Institute, a fellowship from the Howard Foundation, and a residential fellowship from the Franke Humanities Institute at the University of Chicago. Philip V. Bohlman is the Mary Werkam Professor of Music and Jewish Studies, and of the Humanities at the University of Chicago, where he is also chair of Jewish Studies. His research and publications cover a wide range of topics, from folk and popular music in Europe and North America, music and religion, the Middle East, and the intersections of music with nationalism and racism. Among his most recent publications are World Music: A Very Short Introduction (2002), The Folk Songs of Ashkenaz (with Otto Holzapfel, 2001), and Music and the Racial Imagination (coedited with Ronald Radano, 2000). The Music of European Nationalism: Political Change and Modern History is forthcoming.


...the collection is necessary for academic consideration of the Celtic genre and is consequently thought-provoking-strikingly so on the issues of commercialism and the integration of "innovation" into "tradition." Music Research Forum The book certainly raises questions, and avoids the pat answers to questions of identity and location provided by the growing number of popularisations of the field currently available... Popular Music Celtic Modern creates a sense of dialogue across disciplines, ethnicities, and generations...the book has value for ethnomusicologists, folklorists, and participants involved with many musics. -- vol. 61 Notes: The Quarterly Journal of the Music Library Association, DECEMBER 2004 Sophisticated and valuable essays...The collection is significant for its substantive content and because of the special role that the phenomenon of Celtic music has played in the rethinking of fundamental ideas about the place of music in contemporary culture. Summing Up: Recommended. CHOICE
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