The Native American in Long Fiction: An Annotated Bibliography: Supplement 1995-2002

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September 2003



A companion guide to the authors' 1996 work, The Native American in Long Fiction: An Annotated Bibliography, this supplement is a compilation of all identifiable novel-length fictional works by and about Native Americans published primarily between the years 1995 and 2002.


Chapter 1 Series Editor's Foreword Chapter 2 Introduction Chapter 3 Annotated Bibliography Chapter 4 Novels Not Included Chapter 5 Authors' Choice: Best Books of Native American Long Fiction Chapter 6 Sources for Native American Fiction, Criticism, and Interpretation Chapter 7 Index by Title Chapter 8 Index by Tribe Chapter 9 Index by Date Chapter 10 Index by Historical Events Chapter 11 Index by Historical Persons Chapter 12 About the Authors


Joan Beam is Professor at Colorado State University Libraries in the Reference Department. She has previously worked in public and special libraries in the areas of collection development, reference, instruction and cataloging, and published frequently in professional journals before co-authoring The Native American in Long Fiction (Scarecrow Press, 1996) with Barbara Branstad. Barbara Branstad was an Associate Professor at Colorado State University Libraries in the Collection Development unit of the Reference Department until her retirement in 2002.


This bibliography, which is the latest in a series, will give desperately needed assistance to those who wish to change the traditions of distortion and develop a better understanding of the Native American experience in history and contemporary life...This reference book contains 364 annotations most of which also include references to other published reviews...Librarians in middle and high schools, institutions of higher education, and public libraries will appreciate this resource. American Reference Books Annual Recommended. CHOICE
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