The Pawnee Nation: An Annotated Research Bibliography

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The Pawnees have appeared in many historical documents, from early Spanish accounts and journals of American explorers and adventurers to fascinating accounts of daily life by Quaker agents and Presbyterian missionaries during the nineteenth century. In recent years, Pawnee activists have taken the lead in the repatriation struggle and have fought for respectful burials of their ancestors' remains.


1 Bibliographies, Indexes, and Guides 2 General Studies 3 Archaeology and Anthropology 4 Myths, Lengends, and Sacred Places 5 Lauguage and Linguistic Studies 6 Social Organization 7 Material Culture 8 Music and Dance 9 Religion and Ceremonialism 10 Relations with Other Tribes 11 White Contact to 1806 12 Explorers, Emigrants, and Soldiers from 1806 13 The Pike-Pawnee Village 14 Depradations and Claims 15 Treaties and Land Cessions 16 Missionaries and Teachers 17 The Pawnees and the Quakers 18 Nebraska Reservation Period (1859-1875) 19 The Yellow Sun Murder Case 20 The North Brothers and the Pawnee Scouts 21 Pawnees in Oklahoma 22 Pawnee Personalities 23 Pawnee Education 24 Graves Protection and Repatriation 25 Nebraska Legislative Bills (LB) 612 and 340 26 Annual Reports of the Commissioners of Indian Affairs 27 Archival Collections


Judith Boughter is an instructor in the Department of History at the University of Nebraska at Omaha. She is a Fellow of the Center for Great Plains Studies.


The author thoughtfully has made this bibliography exceptionally well organized and convenient to use...This volume would be a major contribution to academic libraries, perhaps particularly in Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, and other states of the Plains where the Pawnees are an integral part of the past and present of these states. American Reference Books Annual This comprehensive bibliography of the Pawnee, three times as long as Blaine's 1980 work, cites monographs, theses, scholarly and popular journal articles, as well as government documents and other sources. Extensive annotations are included. There is a historical introduction, and then it is arranged by twenty-seven different categories...Indexes increase the usefulness of the work. This is an extraordinarily rich resource that should be in the library of any institution with a Native American collection. Reference and User Services Quarterly This is volume twenty-eight in the Native American Bibliography Series, which has, since the 1980s, produced outstanding bibliographies on tribes such as the Sioux, Osages, Cherokees, Chickasaws, Blackfeet, Potawatomies, Omahas, Shawnees, and others. In this latest volume, Judith A. Boughter has compiled an impressive list of works pertaining to the Pawnee Indians...This bibliography fills a niche in scholarship on the Pawnees. Although the impressive number of entries gathered here may give the impression that much research has been done on Pawnee history and culture, this is not the case. Compared to other Plains tribes, scholarly interest in the Pawnees has not been extensive. Much can still be learned. This excellent bibliography will be a very helpful starting point for future scholarship. The Chronicles Of Oklahoma This is a thorough, detailed examination of the Pawnees, exceeding any other reference book on the Pawnees that I have seen...One cannot but be impressed with the considerable amount of time and research spent on this significant reference book...this is a fine reference source, that I highly recommend as an important contribution to our understanding of the Pawnees...This stellar reference source provides a good understanding of a complex people. Journal Of Ethnic and Cultural Diversity In Social Work Boughter's excellent addition to Scarecrow's "Native American Bibliography Series" is the first comprehensive bibliography of literature on the Pawnee Nation...Highly Recommended. Libraries with Western Americana and Native American collections. CHOICE
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