Sacrifice of the Generals

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Januar 2004



Based on the latest declassified sources, this unique research tool greatly increases our understanding of the Soviet Union's mighty World War II effort and related Stalinist politics during its greatest hour. Parrish brings into one volume crucial information which was either not easily accessible in the west before or was widely scattered among many places.


Michael Parrish is associate professor at Indiana University School of Public and Environmental Affairs and the author of more than fifty well-received books, articles, and book reviews, touching on the Soviet military. He has helped publish the Journal of Slavic Studies.


...nearly 1,000 entries are brought together on senior Soviet officers, who in the period 1939-1953 were either captured by the enemy, were repressed by Soviet leadership, were killed in combat, or died of illness. International Review Of Social History, Vol. 52 (2007) ...the mass of biographical and bibliographic material that Parrish has gathered is of extraordinary utility...it is the most complete and accurate source yet available on high-ranking military and police officials. Any researcher on the Soviet army, intelligence services, or high politics should keep a copy close at hand. The Russian Review Including all officers above the rank of colonel in his biographical dictionary, Parrish...relies on recently available Soviet archives in order to shed some light on the losses suffered by the Red Army officer corps from 1939 to the death of Stalin in 1953. Some 1000 entries provide basic biographical information for the officer corps and note the manner of death or other form of attrition, covering combat losses, political repression, war captivity, anti-Semitic campaigns, and reduction in rank. Reference and Research Book News
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