Oboe Unbound: Contemporary Techniques

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Januar 2004



After decades of experimentation, musicians have begun to utilize a strikingly colorful palette of sounds on woodwind instruments. Flute, clarinet, and saxophone players both in jazz and in contemporary settings, regularly use sounds that were unheard of in the middle of the twentieth century. Oboists, forever obsessing over reeds and the demands of their finicky instrument, have lagged somewhat behind their more adventurous colleagues. Oboe Unbound seeks to open up the tradition-bound assumptions of that instrument's capabilities.


Part 1 Acknowledgments Chapter 2 1 Introduction Chapter 3 2 Monophonic Techniques Chapter 4 3 Multiphonic Techniques Chapter 5 4 Other Resources Chapter 6 5 Electronics for the Oboe: A Primer Part 7 Appendix 1: Standard Fingering Chart for the Oboe Part 8 Appendix 2: Apocrypha Score Part 9 Appendix 3: CD Contents Part 10 Selected Music Bibliography Part 11 Selected Literature Bibliography Part 12 Selected Discography Part 13 Index Part 14 About the Author Part 15 Diagram of Symbols and Oboe Keys


Libby Van Cleve is Adjunct Oboe Professor at Wesleyan University and Connecticut College and is Associate Director of Oral History, American Music at Yale University.


...the tone of the book is that of someone who really understands the inherent difficulties of this music, yet has such a great appreciation and understanding of the topic the reader can't help but be excited by it. It is not condescending, and is careful not to assume any prior knowledge that would make a novice reader insecure, yet maintains a broad enough scope to appeal to a professional who performs this music regularly...Ms. Van Cleve is at once the oboist's champion and protector...What this book has going for it the most is its author: Ms. Van Cleve has tried all of these techniques and fingerings hundreds of times, she knows what works, and she has worked with a myriad of composers on techniques and contemporary notation. In the course of writing this book, she solicited a number of oboists to try out her fingerings and techniques on a wide variety of oboes and reed styles. Her incredible knowledge and experience with a vast array of techniques and repertoire is inspiring. If Oboe Unbound is not yet a part of your library, it soon should be. The Double Reed Van Cleve begins with the oboe's standard technique, then discusses contemporary sound production such as multiphonics, microtones, altered timbres, extended range, and more. The book includes numerous music examples as well as fingering charts tested by a range of oboists with varying reed styles and instruments. Appendixes include bibliographies and discographies, and the CD provides recorded examples of all the contemporary sounds as well as two previously unreleased compositions. Teaching Music This amazing guide to contemporary oboe techniques is what one would expect from Libby Van Cleve, a superlative artist-oboist, who is passionately musical, deeply intelligent and eminently practical. The Oboe Unbound is inspiring, comprehensive and easy to learn from, with easy-to-read fingering charts. I recommend it highly. -- Allan Vogel, principal oboist of the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra
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