New Frontiers in Public Library Research

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Pulls together research results from Scandinavian public library researchers on current public library issues, including how public libraries are facing and dealing with the various professional challenges of modern society. Contributors tackle topics as wide ranging as the challenges of serving a multi-cultural society, new library media and services, internet services and new trends in library management. This collection of articles also includes library history works focusing on the relationship between public library ideas and practices in the USA and the Scandinavian countries.


Part 1 Introduction: Public Library Research in the Nodric Countries Part 2 Part I: Digital Public Libraries Chapter 3 Librarians' Experiences of Introducing the Internet in the Public Library: A Study in Southern California Chapter 4 Web-Based Community Information Services in Public Libraries Chapter 5 A Poem Lovely as a Tree? Virtual Reference Questions in Norwegian Public Libraries Chapter 6 Implications of the Concept "Samhallsinformation" for the Public Library Field in Sweden Part 7 Part II: Library Management and Valuation Chapter 8 The Public Library, Networked Information Resources and the Concept of Learning Center Chapter 9 Valuation of Public Libraries Chapter 10 Between New Public Management and Ethics: Library Management under Cross-Pressure Part 11 Part III: The Challenges of the Multicultural Society Chapter 12 Usability Studies and Focus Groups as Methods for Developing Digital Public Library Services in a Multiethnic Society Chapter 13 National Identity as Cultural Policy with Emphasis on the Library as an Institution Chapter 14 The Intercultural Encounter between Danish Public Libraries and Ethnic Minority Users Chapter 15 Classification of Religious Literature: Some Thoughts on the Dilemmas of Universalism Chapter 16 Ethnic Diversity in Danish Public Libraries Part 17 Part IV: The Historical Dimension Chapter 18 Architecture and Design of Danish Public Libraries, 1909-1939: Between Tradition and Modernity Chapter 19 Foreign Influence on the Development of the Danish Public Libraries with Emphasis on the Association Denmark's Popular Book Collections, 1905-1919 Chapter 20 Institution, Modernity and Discourse: Three Perspectives on Public Library History Part 21 Part V: Professional Identity Chapter 22 The Meaning of the Public Library in People's Everday Life: Some Preliminary Results from a Qualitative Study Chapter 23 The Public Library as a Social Field Chapter 24 Users' Library Discourses Part 25 Part VI: Issues and Perspectives Chapter 26 The Heritage of Public Librarianship Chapter 27 Research Perspective Chapter 28 Summing Up: Practitioner's Perspective Part 29 Index Part 30 About the Contributors Part 31 About the Editors


Carl Gustav Johannsen serves as Head of the Department of Library and Information Managment at the Royal School of Library and Information Science in Copenhagen, Denmark. Leif Kajberg is a consultant for the International Relations and Research Administration at the Royal School of Library and Information Science in Copenhagen, Denmark.


the book's many thought-provoking papers are worth reading. This book should be in the collections of library school libraries and in the professional development collection of larger public libraries. Public Libraries Johannsen and Kajberg, both affiliated with the Royal School of Library and Information Science, Denmark, offer a selection of 21 Nordic research papers originally presented at a December 2001 seminar held in Copenhagen. The papers look at issues related to digital public libraries, library management and valuation, the challenges of a multicultural society, the historical dimension, and professional identity. Contributors tackle topics ranging from virtual reference questions to classification of religious literature. Reference and Research Book News
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