A Singer's Guide to the American Art Song - 1870-1980

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Juni 1993



Considers the lives and contributions of 144 significant composers in the field. Includes a general discography, bibliography, and indexes for both titles and poets.


Soprano Victoria Etnier Villamil performed in opera and concert throughout the United States and Europe for over 25 years. A seasoned recitalist, Miss Villamil has been praised not only for her musicality and artistry but also for her thoughtful and imaginative programming, receiving special acclaim for her programs of American and British song.


Villamil has bridged an important gap in the study and performance of art song in America...no other [source] brings together such a wealth of information on the specific output of so many composers. This guide would be helpful to singers, singing teachers, song history teachers, collaborative pianists, coaches, and scholars of American music. American Music Teacher ...a valuable reference for singers who want to know more about American recital repertoire...an excellent book that should appeal strongly to music-school libraries. Ny Opera Newsletter ...thorough research and perceptive comments...This guide will be extremely useful to singers, voice teachers, coaches, and musicologists in planning programs and in obtaining information about American art song repertory. Sonneck Society Bulletin ...unique and invaluable-an island of care and culture in a Philistine ocean. Obviously every vocal teacher (not to say vocal student) should have a copy, and every music library in the land. -- Ned Rorem Villamil's remarkable book should go a long way toward providing a really useful tool, and should provide a source and a model for years to come...Not only is this an invaluable book for both the singer and the record collector; it is beautifully written and fun to read. I've spent hours browsing around in it compulsively. I urgently recommend it to anyone with the slightest interest in its subject. -- David Mason Greene Singer's Guide is unique in providing a biography for each entrant and a brief essay on that composer's song style and output, information that is particularly useful in cases of lesser-known musicians. A Singer's Guide is an extremely thoroughly researched and well written research tool, a useful and practical handbook prepared by a singer for singers. The Nats Journal ...a practical handbook...This scholarly work belongs in academic and music libraries and in others with appropriately musically inclined patrons. Booklist ...includes composers and songs worthy of attention... CHOICE ...Villamil's remarkable book should be a really useful tool -and a source and a model for years to come... American Record Guide ...a much needed compilation...thorough research and perceptive comments...writing style is clear and enjoyable, the information she supplies about the songs pertinent and helpful...extremely useful to singers, voice teachers, coaches and musicologists in planning programs and in obtaining information about American art song repertoire. -- Dr. Lori N. White, Taylor University Besides long hours of study and rehearsal, and the evils of life on the road, professional singers must contend with the rigors of building repertoire without much information. Here, accomplished performer Villamil critiques the works of 144 American composers and gives useful background material about their lives and style, from the best-known to the most obscure. Particularly helpful are her concise descriptions of hundreds of these composers' art songs and the range of voice required for each; for this alone, every vocal coach (and every high lyric soprano with a gig on Friday night) will thank her. Reference and Research Book News
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