World War II in Literature for Youth: A Guide and Resource Book

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November 2004



This comprehensive volume provides a wealth of information with annotated listings of more than 3,500 titles--a broad sampling of books on the war years 1939-1945. Includes both fiction and nonfiction works about all aspects of the war. Professional resources for educators aligned to the educational standards for social studies; technical references; periodicals and electronic resources; a directory of WWII museums, memorials, and other institutions; and topics for exploration complement this excellent library and classroom resource.


Patricia Hachten Wee is a high school teacher, department supervisor, and the author of Managing Successful Science Fair Projects, Science Fair Projects for Elementary Schools, and Independent Projects: Step by Step: A Handbook for Senior Projects, Graduation Projects, and Culminating Projects. Robert James Wee was born in Manila, Philippines Islands, and was a witness to the Japanese invasion and occupation of the Philippines during World War II. Educated at Franklin and Marshall College, Millersville University, and Middlebury College, he taught Spanish in high school and college. He is an avid collector of World War II historical artifacts.

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