Historical Dictionary of Women in Sub-Saharan Africa

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The core of the dictionary is the formal entries on nearly 700 topics, individuals, organizations, events, and publications. The book opens with an essay on African women's history, and includes a chronology of African women's history, a list of acronyms, and a country index to facilitate finding entries on particular topics. There is also a bibliography of nearly 2,000 citations that is organized first into historical periods and then into twenty topical categories including art, education, health, human rights, literature, marriage, slavery, and urbanization.


Part 1 Editor's Foreword Part 2 Acknowledgments Part 3 List of Abbreviations and Acronyms Part 4 Map Part 5 Chronology Part 6 Introduction Part 7 THE DICTIONARY Part 8 Appendix: Dictionary Entries by Country Part 9 Bibliography Part 10 About the Author


Kathleen Sheldon is an independent historian with a research affiliation at the University of California, Los Angeles, Center for the Study of Women. She has published books and articles on African history, with particular concentration on women's history and on Mozambique.


In the first volume of this new Scarecrow series, Sheldon has brought together information on women in sub-Saharan Africa that is difficult to find in any other reference source. There is an excellent introduction on the role and history of women in Africa...Recommended. Undergraduate and graduate collections. CHOICE There is relatively little available in reference form on women in sub-Saharan Africa. Aside from breaking new ground, the great strength of this accessible historical dictionary is the organized presentation of topics bearing on women's issues on the subcontinent. An excellent, informative, and briskly written introduction is followed by approximately 300 alphabetically arranged entries covering a plethora of topics from the general (Education, HIV/AIDS, Literature) to the specific (Emecheta, Buchi; Inkatha Women's Brigade)...This excellent source gives just enough information to whet the interest and then points the way to in-depth sources in particular areas. An excellent purchase for academic and large public libraries. Booklist, 9/15/2006 ...this comprehensive reference book fills a huge gap in the African history literature...This fascinating book is highly recommended for all African history and women's studies collections. American Reference Books Annual ...a superb introduction about African women's roles and history...Strongly recommended, the Historical Dictionary of Women in Sub-Saharan Africa is suggested for undergraduate and graduate collections. Feminist Collections: A Quarterly Of Women's Studies Resources ...a truly comprehensive, well thought-out volume, with valuable introductory essays regarding both the history and the historiography of its subject matter. African Research and Documentation Some 1000 entries by historian Sheldon (affiliated with the Center for the Study of Women at the U. of California, Los Angeles) provide biographical information on important African women, definitions of concepts important to women's history in Africa, and descriptions of significant women's organizations and publications. The entries date back to precolonial times in subject matter, but primarily treat the past half-century of history. As in other volumes of the series, the text also includes an introductory historical essay, a chronology, and a thematically organized bibliography. An appendix lists entries by country." Reference and Research Book News This is an excellent resource and all African studies collections will want to aquire a copy, as will general academic, community and major public libraries. -- Hans Zell, 2005 The African Book Publishing Record Sheldon's great strength is her ability to write with a clarity that makes entries accessible to novices even as her extensive coverage allows them to be of value to specialists. She skillfully synthesizes topics like Christianity and colonialism while gracefully managing controversial items like feminism and female genital cutting. Entries are extensively cross-referenced...An outstanding bibliography running to 106 pages rivals the entries themselves for usefulness. -- 2008, Vol 49 Journal Of African History
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