Stars and Stripes on Screen: A Comprehensive Guide to Portrayals of American Military on Film

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April 2005



This guide to film portrayals of U.S. armed services lists more than 1,000 features produced in the United States since 1898. It also includes movies that received military assistance, documentaries, foreign films depicting American servicemen, and movies made for television. Each feature film entry contains credit information, a list of major cast members, year of production, service represented, and a summary.


Part 1 Acknowledgments Part 2 Overview Part 3 Key to Abbreviations Chapter 4 1 Feature Films Chapter 5 2 Television Films Chapter 6 3 Documentaries Chapter 7 4 Films with Unseen Military Assistance Chapter 8 5 Films Considered but Deemed Ineligible Part 9 Appendix I: Films Chronologically by Service Part 10 Appendix II: Films by Subject or Period Part 11 Appendix III: 25 Greatest American Military Films Part 12 Appendix IV: Significant but Highly Flawed Military Films Part 13 Appendix V: 25 Worst American Military Films Part 14 Appendix VI: Portrayals of Military Leadership Part 15 Appendix VII: Select List of Actors with Significant Credits in Military Films Part 16 Appendix VIII: Select List of Directors with Significant Credits in Military Films Part 17 Appendix IX: Academy Award(R)-Winning Military Films Part 18 Appendix X: TV Series Featuring Significant Military Characters/Themes Part 19 Bibliography Part 20 About the Authors


Lawrence H. Suid is a military historian whose primary expertise is the study of the symbiotic relationship between the film industry and U.S. armed services. In addition to Guts & Glory, the definitive history of the subject, and Sailing on the Silver Screen, he has written histories of Armed Forces Radio and Television Service and the Army's nuclear power program. Dolores A. Haverstick served as director of human resources in the office of inspector general in the U.S. Department of Labor. She has edited Lawrence Suid's books for the last 15 years.


For anyone interested in either military or film history, this work is a gem. Recommended for large public and academic libraries. Booklist, 11/1/2005 Military historian Suid, and Haverstick, who has edited his books for the past 15 years, cite all the US military films they could find information about. In addition to the usual credits and brief description, they provide review dates to show when the film appeared, have tried to learn whether a film sought and obtained assistance from one or another of the armed services, and discuss the military accuracy of the film. Included are feature films, television films, documentaries, and films with unseen military assistance. There is no index. Reference and Research Book News The beauty of this book is that it helps us grasp the politics intrinsic to the making of ever so many films that offend or comply sometimes partially, with the Pentagon's understanding of its interests...This book is so good that serious film scholars or military history buffs will want to keep it at hand for frequent reference. And given the popularity of war films and their influence on public perceptions of history and foreign policy, this book should also be acquired by every university and public library. The Journal of American Culture This reasonably priced item is suitable for all reference collections, especially those that lack similar materials. Recommended. Undergraduates, two-year program students, graduate students, and general readers. CHOICE This book provides a fascinating look at military films...This will be useful in most film collections. American Reference Books Annual Clearly, Dr. Suid's motion picture research, especially the war genre, has set the record straight many times...Without a doubt, this commentary-a real gem-sparkles with academic clarity and dry humor...Overall, Stars and Stripes on Screen contains a wealth of information that will please any researcher, film historian, or movie-lover with its exhaustive listings, careful cataloging, and incisive commentary. Film & History: An Interdisciplinary Journal Stars and Stripes on Screen is a fascinating and easy read which will appeal to a general 'browsing' reader as well as to researchers and military historians. For film schools or any educational institution running a media course dealing with film genres at any depth, this is a worthwhile purchase. Reference Reviews Stars and Stripes presents an authoritative filmography for historians as well as for casual viewers. The Journal Of Military History
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