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In teaching how to read literature and enjoy it, Katona gives 11 good reasons to make reading a part of regular life and includes a list of tried and true page-turners with their movie counterparts. Teachers of reading, students, general readers of literature, and those just developing an interest in reading will find this guide appealing.


Part 1 Part I Why Be Book Savvy? Chapter 2 1 Autobiography of a Book Junkie Chapter 3 2 Introduction to the State of Reading in America Chapter 4 3 Eleven Good Reasons to Make Reading a Part of Your Life Part 5 Part II A Good Place to Start Chapter 6 4 Key to the Annotated Book List Chapter 7 5 Annotated Book List Part 8 Part III Becoming a Book Junkie Chapter 9 6 Active Reading Chapter 10 7 Developing a Reading Journal Part 11 Appendixes Chapter 12 A. Book Lists and Awards Chapter 13 B. More Quotations about Books and Reading Part 14 About the Author


Cynthia Lee Katona is currently teaching all levels of English Composition and Literature courses at Ohlone Community College in Fremont, California.


...Book Savvy should be a part of every academic and university library collection. Internet Bookwatch Book Savvy by Cynthia Lee Katona is a wonderful guide for readers. -- Ellen Borders, Collection Development, Haines Borough Public Library A snappy cover and a catchy title make this slim, crisp volume look anything but daunting. The contents are an original mix of books reviews and short essays about books, reading, and the author's own experiences. The book reviews are quick and sweet, containing basic information such as title, author, page length and synopsis as well as the author's own difficulty rating, reading tips, and relevant movies. The surrounding material is perhaps even more intriguing, with a striking portrayal of the lamentable state of reading in America and some very good philosophical reasons to scribble all over one's books. Ohlone College Monitor
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