Selected Poems of Isabella Andreini

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Selected Poems of Isabella Andreini comprises an extensive historical and analytical introduction, followed by 100 poems given in their original Italian, with facing-page verse translations. It will be a welcome addition to classroom literature in comparative literatures, women's studies, and Italian studies. It is the first modern publication of a significant body of Andreini's poems in English translation.


Part 1 Editor's Foreword Part 2 Translator's Foreword Chapter 3 1 Introduction Chapter 4 2 Selections from Rime d'Isabella Andreini Padovana, comica gelosa (1601) Chapter 5 3 Selections from Rime d'Isabella Andreini comica gelosa, & academica intenta detta l'Accesa. Parte seconda (1605) Part 6 Index of First Lines Part 7 About the Editor and Translator


Anne MacNeil is a fellow of the American Academy in Rome and the American Association of University Women and currently holds a faculty appointment at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She is the author of Music and Women of the Commedia dell'Arte in the Late Sixteenth Century. James Wyatt Cook is Langbo Trustees' professor emeritus at Albion College. The author of several books and numerous studies and reviews, Cook has been a research fellow of the British Academy, the Newberry Library, the Pontifical Institute for Mediaeval Studies, and the Centre for Reformation and Renaissance Studies at the University of Toronto.


Andreini's Selected Poems, with MacNeil's fine and exhaustive introduction, and with Cook's elegant verse translation and endnotes, offers to English-speaking readers an invaluable first glance at the vast poetic activity of the talented comedia dell'arte actress, academician, and poet of the late Italian Renaissance. This book should be of interest to readers in women's writings, and to scholars in early modern literature and culture. Renaissance Quarterly
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