Neither Star Wars Nor Sanctuary: Constraining the Military Uses of Space

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April 2004



In "Neither Star Wars nor Sanctuary," Michael E. OHanlon asserts that the goal of American policy should be to slow the movement toward weaponizing space, without going as far as preventing the option of developing space weapons if necessary.


Michael E. O'Hanlon is a senior fellow in Foreign Policy Studies at the Brookings Institution, Washington, D.C,. USA, where he holds the Sydney Stein Jr. Chair. His recent books include The Future of Arms Control (Brookings, 2005; with Michael A. Levi), Neither Star Wars nor Sanctuary (Brookings, 2004), and Crisis on the Korean Peninsula (McGraw Hill, 2003; with Mike Mochizuki).


"This is a well-written, tightly argued case for a measured and pragmatic US policy towards the future military exploitation of space. It is hard not to agree with his overall thesis and this slim volume is a major contribution to a rational debate about the future of military space." --Jeremy Stocker, Center for Defense and International Studies, RUSI Journal, 6/1/2005 "Neither Star Wars nor Sanctuary is a very sensible book, sucessfully charting a middle ground between the poles of the space weapons debate." --John M. Logsdon, Space Policy Institute at The George Washington University, Joint Force Quarterly, 1/1/2006
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