Talking Shop: Authentic Conversation and Teacher Learning

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Februar 2001



What do teachers learn from talking to one another about their practice? This set of exciting stories shows how the ordinary talk among teachers is a potent medium for teacher learning and professional development. Drawing from the work of eight groups of teachers in the United States and Israel, the authors present rich descriptions of the complexities, obstacles, contradictions, and possibilities that can accompany teacher conversation.


"This is a wonderfully helpful book for educators who want to develop highly collaborative and creative learning environments for themselves, their colleagues, and their students." - Mary Field Belenky, Coauthor of Women's Ways of Knowing and A Tradition That Has No Name "These authors are convinced that conversation groups can constitute a low-cost, sustainable, satisfying, and significant form of teacher professional development. And they demonstrate it. This is an important book. It is a "must read" for teachers, teacher educators, researchers, and those who seek to understand teacher development, growth, and change and the role of conversation in that." - Nona Lyons, Editor of With Portfolio in Hand"
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