How Social and Emotional Development Add Up: Getting Results in Math and Science Education

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März 2003



This landmark volume is essential reading for math and science teachers who are eager to find creative and stimulating ways to engage student's interest and to boost their academic performance. A stellar group of contributors, including both psychologists and teachers, outlines the principles of social emotional learning (SEL) that educators can follow to help "all students to achieve in the math and science classroom. Focusing on inner-city schools and the particular needs of African American students, the text: -Presents a substantial body of empirical research, including findings of the Third International Math and Science Study-Builds on what we already know about social and emotional factors in learning and applies it to the math and science curriculum, shedding new light on ways to help young people succeed academically-Features many examples of successful math and science instruction that teachers can incorporate into their own classrooms-Covers key topics, such as youth development, connecting with students, math-science readiness and policy, developmental pathways to achievement, success for minority students, equity and excellence, preparing students for the future, and corporate partners in the classroom


"This resource demonstrates the importance of focusing on both academic achievement and creating the conditions for student success. As policymakers, education leaders, teachers and other stakeholders reform K-12 education, they should consider the framework used in this book." - Terry Pickeral, Executive Director, National Center for Learning and Citizenship, Education Commission of the States; "Math and Science educators and their colleagues 'on the social and emotional side' are beginning to systematically share their knowledge, skills, and attitudes. In doing so, they balance and invigorate the educational culture of their schools." - James P. Comer, MD; "This volume offers insights into emotional and social issues connected with students' mathematics learning and problem solving." - Joe Garofalo, Co-Director of the Center for Technology and Teacher Education and Associate Professor of Mathematics Education, University of Virginia; "If we are serious about improving academic achievement, particularly in science and mathematics, then we cannot ignore students' developmental needs." - Jerry D. Weast, Ed. D., Superintendent of Schools, Montgomery County Public Schools, Guilford County, North Carolina
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