Flowering Plants: Lilies to Orchids

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April 1970



A continuation of "The Illustrated Flora of Illinois" series, this volume features Illinois flowering plants. This series is designed to provide a working reference for the identification and classification of all the plant forms found in the state. This series is the first of its kind, as no other study of this sort has been undertaken in any other state, and as such, is an unparalleled contribution to its field.In his introduction to this volume, Mr. Mohlenbrock discusses some of the terms and procedures used in the identification and classification of the plants. He outlines the life histories and morphologies of some of the representative monocots, and also illustrates some of their habits and frequencies in Illinois. Since these volumes are meant to be used by the amateur as well as the professional botanist, the methods and terms used in the text are explained. The directions for the use of the various identification keys are given so that even the novice plant lover will be able to identify the species encountered. For the uninitiated, a glossary is provided which gives definitions for all terms that might be unfamiliar.All necessary aids to identification are included in the text itself. The identification keys make it initially possible to classify the plants according to order, family, genus and finally, species and the identifying characteristics of each descending class are given in detail. The morphology of each species is outlined, along with data on frequency of occurrence, related soil and climate conditions and history of past collections, and history of past collections. An illustration showing the more important features of the species in detail is included with the description, as well as a map indicating its geographical locations in Illinois.This book will be invaluable to students, teachers and professionals; particularly those who are interested in observing the plants in their natural habitat. Those who use it will find it possible to obtain a broad view of changing plant forms as they relate to soil and climate variations throughout the state. And it will provide a delightful diversion for all who enjoy viewing beautiful forms in nature. A walk through the forest will become an opportunity for discovery and appreciation.


Robert H. Mohlenbrock is a Professor of Botany at Southern Illinois University and general editor of this series. The first volume of which entitled "Ferns," was published in 1967. A Ph.D graduate of Washington University, he is foremost authority on the flora of Illinois. Along with his journals, his articles have been published in "American Fern Journal, American Midland Naturalist, Quarterly Review of Biology, " the "Bulletin of the Missouri Botanical Garden, Rhodora, The Kew Bulletin," and "the Bulletin of the Torrey Botanical Club." He is the coauthor with John W. Voigt of two books on the vegetation of Southern Illinois. "A Flora of Southern Illinois" and "Plant Communities of Southern Illinois," both published by Southern Illinois University Press.
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