Preventing and Managing Teacher Strikes

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November 2001



If you want to avoid the traditional destructive bargaining methods employed in the majority of America's schools, this book is for you. An exploration of the 'win-win' model and the compromises that must be employed before the model is to succeed, Streshly's book is eminently practical. Drawn from decades of personal experience as an administrator and superintendent, the book begins with the 'bread and butter' of teacher's union issues--salaries and benefits. It continues to explain how to prevent strikes, how to get the school board behind the administration, how to utilize outside negotiators, and contains numerous checklists and tactical outlines.


Chapter 1 Foreword Chapter 2 About the Author Chapter 3 Introduction Chapter 4 The Union and Administration: Collaborators or Gladiators? Chapter 5 Unfulfilled Promises Chapter 6 Fence Straddling: A Recipe for Disaster Chapter 7 School Reform and the Evolution of Labor Unions Chapter 8 Launching Collaborative Relations with the Teachers Union Chapter 9 Preparing for Positional Bargaining with the Teachers Union Chapter 10 Preparing for the Strike Chapter 11 Managing the Strike Chapter 12 The Roles and Duties of the Administration Chapter 13 A Tale of Two Districts: The Birth of a Successful Collaborative Model Chapter 14 Restoring Public Confidence in the Schools: One District's Experience Chapter 15 Appendix A: Emergency Procedures Manual Chapter 16 Appendix B: Emergency Procedures Resolution Chapter 17 Appendix C: Delegation to Superintendent Chapter 18 Appendix D: Emergency Regulations of the Serendipity School District Chapter 19 Bibliography


William Streshley is Professor of Educational Leadership at San Diego State University, and has had over forty years of experience as an educator. Among his numerous publications, he is the co-author of Top Ten Myths in Education (Scarecrow Education 2000), and a chapter author in The Curriculum Management Audit (Scarecrow Education 1995).
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