Ethical School Leadership

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Typically, educational leadership is not considered a moral-ethical undertaking. But educators face a dismaying array of moral-ethical challenges from academic dishonesty to sexual harassment every day in our nation's schools. Ethical School Leadership provides a systematic approach to resolving these school-based moral-ethical issues. It offers real world moral-ethical dilemmas, alternate theories of ethical decision-making, and differing philosophies of leadership. Present and future school leaders will find knowledge, dispositions, and performance criteria by which to evaluate case studies of moral-ethical leadership. This book provides an up-to-date treatment of the subject without arcane terminology or abstract argument. Its aim is to provide encouraging, practical thinking about the moral-ethical problems facing our school leaders today and will be of interest to school principals, teachers, school board members and students of education.


1 Ethics, Leadership, and Good Schools 2 Standards and Ethics 3 The Ethical Leader 4 Becoming and Ethical Educational Leader 5 Justice and Fairness in Decision-Making 6 The Caring Attitude in Ethical Leadership 7 Science and Ethics 8 Practical Ethics Strategies 9 Appendices 10 Tables


Spencer J. Maxcy is professor of education, Louisiana State University. He is the author of several books including Democracy, Chaos, and the New School Order, Postmodern School Leadership: Meeting the Crisis in Educational Administration and Educational Leadership: A Critical Pragmatic Perspective.


Spencer Maxcy's book is an important read. Maxcy's cry for greater attention to ethical school leadership needs to be heard. School leaders as well as those who prepare school leaders will find his book informative. Journal Of Educational Administration
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