An Education Track for Creativity and Other Quality Thinking Processes

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The need for new thinking in the world, both official leadership and for all participating members of society has been a glaring reality in recent times. The idea of teaching students how to use the full potential of their thinking apparatus is not absurd_simply logical and timely. Opportunities for creative expression are central to the development of a sense of personal identity and significance when creative thinking and expression are valued by the powers that be. In this book, the author stresses the importance of radical change in educational practices as a necessity.


Chapter 1 Foreword Chapter 2 Preface Chapter 3 Acknowledgments Chapter 4 Chapter 1 Education for a Just Society: Freedom to Think Chapter 5 Chapter 2 What Shall We Teach and How Shall We Teach It? Chapter 6 Chapter 3 The Environmental Brain: System for Thinking and Learning Chapter 7 Chapter 4 Notions Regarding Ideas and Intellectual Leadership Chapter 8 Chapter 5 Creativity as a Catalyst for Integrative Thinking and Learning Chapter 9 Chapter 6 The Integration if Creative and Critical Thinking Chapter 10 Chapter 7 Humor and the Creative Intellect Chapter 11 Chapter 8 In and Out of the Creativity Box Chapter 12 Chapter 9 Beyond the Creativity Frontier: More Quality Thinking Chapter 13 Chapter 10 The Creative Business of Educational Entrepreneurship Chapter 14 Chapter 11 Creative Leadership for Global Futures: Notes for Educators Chapter 15 Chapter 12 You There-What Do You Think? Chapter 16 Epilogue Chapter 17 Reference List Chapter 18 Index Chapter 19 About the Author


Berenice Bleedorn is a semi-retired educator and consultant for Creative Development Initiatives. She has initiated and taught courses in Creative Studies and Future Studies for more than 30 years in university education and business departments.


Dr. Berenice Bleedorn, educational entrepreneur extraordinaire, has once again focused her insights on the human brain/mind as one of the most powerful resources available for managing a society in transition. Her examination of the relationships between the institution of education and the real world of business and our global community is layered with the wisdom, uncommon forcefulness, knowing and urgency that we have come to expect in her work. She has thrown down the gauntlet for the very survival of our planetary home and challenged us in compelling ways to seize the preordained role of education and begin the work of major service in the evolution of human intellect and consciousness that provides for the freedom to think at the highest possible levels. -- Lynne Krause, American Creativity Association, Executive Director Dr. Bleedorn begins this book with an impressive account of her evolution from a housewife and undergraduate student in my class at the University of Minnesota to her career in gifted and talented education, university professorship, and educational entrepreneurship. The broad range of her experiences in providing consultation to educational and business organizations make her book enlightening. -- Dr. Paul E. Torrance, University of Georgia Alumni Foundation, Distinguished Professor Emeritus An important book for educators, this volume covers creative problem solving, conflict resolution, and global and futuristic thinking. The Futurist With educational reform on everybody's mind, from president to students, Dr. Bleedorn has written, in layman terms, a review of what is needed and how true educational reform can happen in this decade. A long time advocate for creativity as an academic discipline, she has been able in this book to bridge issues of traditional and creative thinking. She believes strongly that "all higher order processes of thinking must be deliberately taught and must take their place within the traditional curriculum with its emphasis on skills and content. -- Frank Maraviglia, president, Creativity Unlimited
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