Instructor's Manual for Human Resource & Contract Management in the Public School: A Legal Perspective

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Designed to complement the text by providing instructors with an introductory summary of each chapter. Features: provides sample test questions and answers, suggestions for classroom discussion and activities follow each chapter. The Instructor's Manual and text should be used together for optimum learning.


Chapter 1 How to Use This Instructor's Manual Chapter 2 1 Human Resource and Contract Management in the Public School: A Legal Perspective Chapter 3 2 Collective Bargaining Chapter 4 3 The Collective Bargaining Process Chapter 5 4 Collective Bargaining and Controversy Chapter 6 5 Laws Affecting Human Resource Management Chapter 7 6 Planning and Recruitment Chapter 8 7 Review, Interview, and Selection Chapter 9 8 Welcoming New Employees Chapter 10 9 Supervision and Evaluation Chapter 11 10 Staff Development Chapter 12 11 Record Keeping and Reporting Chapter 13 About the Authors


Bernadette Marczely is the director of the graduate program in Educational Supervision at Cleveland State University. David William Marczely is a licensed Ohio attorney with a background in both education and business.
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