Problems and Examples in Differential Equations

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"Ordinary Differential Equations Existence, Uniqueness, Differential Equations on R, Inequalities Linear Differential Equations Second-Order Linear Equations Second-Order Nonlinear Equations Differential Equations in the Plane Flows, Singular Points, Bifurcations Stability Theory and Related Topics Higher-Order Differential Equations Differential Equations in the Complex Domain Boundary Value Problems and Periodic Solutions Singular Perturbations, Asymptotic Theory, Averaging Equations in the Banach Spaces Functional-Differential Equations Integral Equations Applications to Mechanics, Physics, Biology, and Geometry Partial Differential Equations General Questions and Some Linear Equations Elliptic Equations SchrOdinger Operators and Schrodinger Evolution Equations Parabolic Equations Hyperbolic Equations Semigroups and Singular Perturbation Problems Miscellaneous Equations and Systems Hints, Answers, References Ordinary Differential Equations Partial Differential Equations References "


." . .a collection of 764 problems in ordinary differential equations and 384 problems in partial differential equations, ranging from routine exercises to challenging research projects. . .. For almost every problem the authors provide hints, references, and/or partial answers.excellent. . ." ---Mathematical Reviews "This practical textbook provides a very good reading with excellent bibliographical references for under-graduate and post-graduate level students as well as for specialists working in differential equations." ---Mathematical Abstracts
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