The Word Made Flesh: Towards an Incarnational Missiology

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August 2004



This study is the first to define the meanings attached to incarnational mission across a variety of Christian traditions. It proposes a balanced approach to incarnational approach to mission involving the three dimensions of following Jesus in costly discipleship, conforming to the risen Christ, and co-operating in the universal dynamic of God's self-embodiment.


Chapter 1 Preface Chapter 2 List of Abbreviations Chapter 3 Part One: Incarnation and Mission: Introduction: Genesis of the Study; Methodology; Assumptions; Structure; Scope; The World Becomes Flesh: Incarnation and the Incarnation: Incarnation and Incarnation: Linguistic Considerations; The Incarnatio Chapter 4 Part Two: Critical Survey: Mission as Discipleship: Anabaptism: Who Were and Are the Anabaptists?; The Anabaptist Vision of Incarnational Mission; Evaluative Comments; Summary; A Holistic Kingdom Theology: Radical Evangelicalism: The Radical E Chapter 5 Part Three: Contours of an Incarnational Missiology: Towards an Incarnational Missiology: Christian Mission in Incarnational; The Contours of an Incarnational Missiology; Practical Implications for Mission; Conclusion and Prospects: Theologica Chapter 6 Notes Chapter 7 Bibliography Chapter 8 Index


Ross Langmead is Professor of Missiology and Director of the School of World Mission at Whitley College, Australia. The author holds a Ph.D. in Theology from the Melbourne College of Divinity, Australia.


The distinctive value of this book rests in the fact that the author not only examines in detail the various uses of this term (incarnation) but also in the end identifies a convergence that can become a basis for incarnational missiology in today's world. -- Larry Nemer, SVD, Yarra Theological Union Pacifica there is much to commend in this book - good notes for the different chapters, a very comprehensive bibliography, and a good index... Mission Studies Langmead has done a great service to the missional church in this careful and thorough study. It is easy to read and follow his arguments through with an extensive bibliography and a helpful index. -- Robert L. Gallagher, Assistant Professor of Intercultural Studies, Wheaton College Emq
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