Albanian Urban Lyric Song in the 1930s

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Juni 2004



The author examines the indigenous diatonic and chromatic modes used in Albanian urban music and classifies them under traditional headings and as part of a newly established grouping, here termed south-western Balkan modes. The core of the work is the analysis of Albanian urban lyric songs, seen as an artistic version of the traditional Albanian urban songs.


Part 1 Preface: A Personal Note Part 2 Acknowledgments Part 3 Map Part 4 Introduction Part 5 Tree Diagram Part 6 A Note on Names, Pronunciation and Grammar Part 7 CD Track Listing Part 8 Part I - SYNTHESIS Chapter 9 Chapter One Albania and the Albanians Chapter 10 Chapter Two The Transmission of Urban Songs Chapter 11 Chapter Three Performers and Performance Part 12 Part II - ANALYSIS Chapter 13 Chapter Four Poetry and Music in AUS and AULS Chapter 14 Chapter Five General Characteristics of the Modes Used in AUS and AULS Chapter 15 Chapter Six The Analysis of Albanian Urban Lyric Song Part 16 Conclusion Part 17 Song Texts Part 18 Glossary Part 19 Bibliography Part 20 Index of Songs Part 21 Notated Modes and Piano Arrangements of AULS in Order of the Examples Marked by Letters (Not Recorded) Part 22 Catalog of Recordings Part 23 Explanation of Musical Examples Part 24 Notation Chapter 25 Modes (Examples A-K) Chapter 26 Albanian Urban Lyric Songs (Examples 1-52) Chapter 27 Piano Arrangements of AULS (Examples L-P) Part 28 Programs of the Concerts Part 29 Index Part 30 About the Author


Eno Koco is a teaching fellow of performance classes and permanent conductor of University of Leeds Philharmonia at University of Leeds, School of Music. He conducts throughout North England and maintains regular contact with several Balkan orchestras and opera houses. He makes programs on the music of Albania for broadcast on BBC Radio 3 and BBC World Service and gives papers on the same theme at different universities, including at Limerick, Leeds, London, Tirana, and Prishtina.


It is the Albanian 'lyric' song of the 1930s and the singers, instrumentalists, composer-arrangers, and lyricists who developed it that are the primary subject of Eno Koco's excellent and well-researched study. As the first monograph in English to examine an urban song repertoire from southeastern Europe, and the first to detail musical life in the region in the early twentieth century, it will be revelatory for international readers...the present study is a groundbreaking contribution to the literature on European vernacular musics. It belongs in every university library supporting programs in ethnomusicology, folklore, and European or East European Studies, as well as any library that serves the large Albanian communities living in English-speaking areas. Notes: The Quarterly Journal of the Music Library Association
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