Travel and Tourism Public Relations: An Introductory Guide for Hospitality Managers

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September 2005



The opening chapter explains the recent growth of industry PR, and travel & tourism news coverage which today focuses on the considerable economic benefits of the industry. Additionally, it reviews the leading news media that covers the industry, the primary PR tools and audiences, and details the factors leading to PR's new prominence across the industry. It also provides informative sidebars with lists of key industry print media, top travel agencies, plus a Travel Industry Association of America case study of a post-9/11/2001 campaign to restore American confidence in travelling. It also includes a composite definition of PR, and tells how PR is a discipline distinctively different from publicity, propaganda, advertising, and marketing. The author notes how, over the past decade due to economic conditions, PR in many cases has been integrated with marketing communications and played an important role in both strategic and tactical marketing activities. Following this overview, the ensuing five chapters examine communications model specifics that are of special importance to the industry's major sectors: hotels/lodging establishments; restaurants; tourist attractions/destinations; and transportation services. Each of these sectors have their ownspecial messages, PR tools, and audiences. For example, meeting planners and travel agents are of most importance to hotels, while travel agents are of little importance to airlines and restaurants. Also included is a chapter about what travel employers should understand about PR The chapters will be followed by appendices that will include: The top 30 U.S. Travel & Tourism Professional/Trade Associations; and the Leading U.S.Travel & Tourism Universities. * Provides a comprehensive how-to guide for travel & tourism PR practitioners to increase profits and enhance the visibility and image of their company or client* Introduces the key domestic/international media and audiences that PR p


FOREWORD: by Keith Bellows, executive editor, National Geographic Traveler, who will comment on the importance of PR to the travel & tourism industry. CHAPTER 1: The Industry and PR's Role in It __ --The Industry's Scope __ --Economic Impacts Now Shape Industry News __ --PR Tools & Special Audiences/Publics __ SIDEBAR 1-1: PR, and Travel & Tourism PR Tools __ SIDEBAR 1-2: Travel & Tourism PR Audiences __ SIDEBAR 1-3: Top 10 Travel Agencies __ SIDEBAR 1-4: International Travel Press: The Rules Are Different __ SIDEBAR 1-5: 10 Ways To Manage Communication in a Crisis __ --What PR Is, And Is Not __ SIDEBAR 1-6: In-House PR Vs. Outside Agency/Consultant Support __ --PR Is Not Publicity, Propaganda, Marketing, or Advertising __ --PR's Rich Hundred-Year Heritage __ --Marketing & PR Synergies __ ADDITIONAL PR SOURCES __ CHAPTER 2: PR At Hotels & Lodging Establishments __ SIDEBAR 2-1: How to Use PR to Grow an Award-Winning B&B __ PR TOOLS & AUDIENCES __ --Employees __ --Guests __ --Community Groups __ SPECIAL HOTEL PUBLICS __ --Travel Writers __ --Convention & Visitors Bureaus (CVBs) __ --Meeting Planners __ --Stockholders __ MORE PR TOOLS __ SIDEBAR 2-2: Press-Friendly Web Sites __ SIDEBAR 2-3: B-roll: An Essential, Cost-Effective PR Tool In the Travel Biz __ --Trade Shows __ ABUNDANT MESSAGES/NEWS HOOKS __ SIDEBAR 2-4: Grande Lakes, Orlando--Redefining the Orlando Experience __ --Stars and Diamonds __ --Trade Media Targets __ --Hotel Crisis Communication __ -more- CHAPTER 3: Restaurant Public Relations __ --Fast-Food vs. Individual Restaurants __ SIDEBAR 3-1: Restaurant Openings & Beyond: Tips for Creating and Continuing the Strong Buzz __ --Long-Term PR Efforts Are Key to Success __ --Critical Reviews __ SIDEBAR 3-2 : Communicating with a Food Reviewer __ --Typical Messages & Media Targets __ --Communicating in the Language of Food & Beverage __ CHAPTER 4: Transportation Public Relations __ AIRLINE PR __ --Internal PR Staffing & Organization __ SIDEBAR 4-1: Airline Media Relations: Buckle Up For 'Round-the-Clock Turbulence ___ --Extensive Communications With Employees & Customers __ --Multi-Layered Media Targets __ CRUISE LINE PR __ --Cruise Industry Professional Associations __ --Soaring Industry Growth Benefits U. S. Economy __ --Multiple New Cruise Line Experiences __ --Similarities to the Practice at Hotels __ SIDEBAR 4-2: Launching of Queen Mary 2 __ --Cruise Line Media, Staffing & Crisis Planning __ CHAPTER 5: Destination/Tourist Attraction PR __ --Domestic Travelers & International Visitors__ --CVBs and State Tourism Offices __ SIDEBAR 5-1: How GMCVB Used PR to Promote Miami as a Diverse Destination __ --The New "Niche Traveler" Market __ SIDEBAR 5-2: Cooperstown (N. Y.) -- More Than a Baseball Town __ SIDEBAR 5.3: Customizing "the Mouse"--- Or How Disney Found Success With the Business Press __ --The National Park Service __ --The Importance of Truth in Crisis Communication __ CHAPTER 6:What Travel & Tourism Employers Should Understand About PR __ -- The Value of PR __ --Hiring an In-House Practitioner __ --What You Should Know About the RFP Process __ --Selecting the Best Proposal for Your Organization __ --PR Firm Compensation __ --A Promising Future __ -more- APPENDIX A: Selected Travel & Tourism Professional/Trade Associations__ APPENDIX B: The Industry's Response to 9/11. __ APPENDIX C: Key Travel & Tourism Print Media __ APPENDIX D: Selected U.S. Universities Offering Hospitality & Tourism & Tourism Education (and Their Concentrations) __ APPENDIX E: Selected Industry Research/Statistical Sources __


Dennis is a 40-year professional communicator with over 25 years' experience in the transportation field and five years as a consultant to a major luxury hotel chain. He has been an adjunct professor in the University of Virginia PR Certificate Program for five years, and taught undergraduate and graduate PR courses at the American University School of Public Communication for two years. He has written numerous articles on PR and transportation for various professional and trade publications including "Public Relations Journal," "Public Relations Tactics," and "Communications World." Deuschl holds a B.A. degree in journalism from Rutgers University, and a M. S. degree in public relations from American University. He has been a fully accredited member (APR) of the Public Relations Society of America since 1976. From 1963-91, he served as a public affairs officer with the U.S. Air Force Reserve. His first seven years were spent on active duty in Laredo Texas; San Bernardino, Calif.; and Taipei, Taiwan. When he retired in 1991, he was a Lieutenant Colonel. His military decorations included two AF Commendation Medals, and the Meritorious Service Medal. Following seven years as a PR executive with two large U.S. financial firms, Deuschl served from 1976-2001 as Communications Director of the U.S. Department of Transportation's Saint Lawrence Seaway Development Corp. While there, he promoted increased international trade, cruise line sailing, and tourism for the Great Lakes Seaway waterway system. He and his wife, Vivian -- vice president of corporate public relations for the Ritz-Carlton Hotel Co. -- reside in Northern Virginia, and have two adult daughters.


"Hats off to Dennis Deuschl for writing the comprehensive 'bible' for tourism PR professionals. Success in today's competitive marketplace requires commitment and dedication to the complete traveler experience -- visitors' perceptions and feelings about a destination must be positive to ensure their continuing loyalty and affection. Deuschl's book helps teach this important principle." -- Michael D. Gehrisch, President & CEO, Destination Marketing Association International, Washington, D.C. "A primer for any art museum-or other cultural institution for that matter-interested in audience development. Travel and Tourism Public Relations is a practical guide featuring best practices that any Museum communication staff can translate into coverage in regional and national travel publications." -- Lawrence J. Wheeler, Director, North Carolina Museum of Art "While Dennis Deuschl's guide makes an excellent primer on travel-related public relations for hospitality managers, it should be required reading for anyone entering travel and tourism PR. In fact, given how current it is, the book can serve as an outstanding refresher course for any veteran practicioner. Plus, it will serve any corporate PR pro in the industry with great insights and tips on how to seek out the best fit among public relations firms." -- Steve Loucks, CTC, Senior Vice President, Tourism & Lifestyle, Edelman "Third party endorsement, through strategic and effective public relations, is critical to the success of hotels, attractions, destinations, transportation modes, and restaurants. Dennis Deuschl's book offers a clear and concise blueprint for how to work with the media, and gives every hospitality manager an insider's understanding of the unique workings of the travel and tourism industry. It is an indispensable desk reference on PR, with solid, practical advice from some of the most experienced pros in the business." -- Roger J. Dow, President & CEO, Travel Industry Association of America "Dennis Deuschl has turned his considerable experience and expertise toward presenting the case for emphasizing public relations in tourism management. This lively treatise introduces students and managers to PR roles, tools and audiences in hospitality, transportation and destination contexts. The book is a valuable supplement to traditional tourism marketing texts through emphasizing the singular role of PR in two critical challenges in our contemporary business world: brand building and crisis communications." -- Douglas C. Frechtling, Ph.D., Professor of Tourism Studies, Department of Tourism and Hospitality Management, School of Business, The George Washington University "The book's simple language and comprehensive subject-matter make it a useful tool for those wanting to grasp a better understanding of this industry and how to reach its press." - USAE
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