Multi-Level Issues in Strategy and Methods

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September 2005



Presents the theoretical work, empirical studies, methodological developments, analytical techniques, and philosophical treatments to advance the field of multi-level studies, regardless of disciplinary perspective.


About the Editors. List of Contributors. Overview: Multi-Level Issues in Strategy and Methods. Part I: Innovation. Innovation in Organizations: A Multi-Level Perspective on Creativity. Resolving Some Paradoxes of Innovation: A Cross-Level Interpretation. "We Want Creativity! No, We Don't!" The Creatvity Paradox: Sources, Resolutions, and Directions. Part II: Strategic Performance. Multi-Level Issues for Strategic Management Research: Implications for Creating Value and Competitive Advantage. Developing Multi-Level Theory in Strategic Management: The Case of Managerial Talent and Competitive Advantage. A Resource-Based Lens on Value Creation, Competitive Advantage, and Multi-Level Issues in Strategic Management Research. Multi-Level Issues for Strategic Management Research: Further Reflections. Part III: Upper Echelons. A Multi-Level Analysis of the Upper Echelons Model. Moving (Finally) Toward a Multi-Level Model of Upper Echelons. Upper Echelons Perspective and Multi-Level Analysis: A Case of the Cart Before the Horse? A Multi-Level Analysis of the Upper Echelons Model: Planting Seeds for Future Research. Part IV: Latent Growth Modeling. Multivariate Latent Growth Models: Reading the Covariance Matrix for Multi-Level Interpretations. Multivariate Latent Growth Modeling: Issues on Preliminary Data Analyses. A Note on the Computer Generation of Mean and Covariance Expectations in Latent Growth Curve Analysis. The Value of Heuristics: Clarifying the Purpose of TSA to Analyze Multivariate Latent Growth Models. Part V: Intra-Class Correlation. Significance Tests for Differences Between Dependent Intra-Class Correlation Coefficients (ICC's). Interpreting Changes In ICC's: To Agree or Not To Agree, That is the Question. A Model Selection Approach to Testing Dependent ICC's. More on the Comparison of Intra-Class Correlation Coefficients (ICC's) as Measures of Homogeneity. Part VI: About the Authors. About the Authors.
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