Do You See What I See: A Diversity Tale for Retaining People of Color

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Juni 2005



"Do You See What I See?" offers leaders, managers, and human resource professionals a unique and practical resource for understanding the behavioral subtleties and nuances that affect the retention of people of color within organizations. Through the imaginative use of a fable, authors Janice Fenn and Chandra G. Irvin are able to show different points of view of leaders, managers, and newly recruited POC. In the fable a mirror comes to life and offers insightful reflections that help executives and managers understand what it takes to "retain" POC in a highly competitive marketplace. Step by step the authors clearly show what happened, what should have happened, conclusions that were drawn, and conclusions that should have been drawn. The fable offers the opportunity for leaders and managers to identify and address similar issues in their real life organizations.


Acknowledgments. Introduction. Chapter 1: The Tale. Chapter 2: An Inside Look at Lessons Learned Corporation. What Went Wrong? Chapter 3: Getting an Accurate Reflection. Why People of Color Leave. Chapter 4: Valuing: The Foundation of Retention. Valuing: A Meaningless Mantra? Individual Valuing Behaviors. More Than Good Intentions. Chapter 5: Little Things That Make Us Look ... Good ... Bad: A Look at Subtle Behaviors. Upon Reflection Questionnaire. Chapter 6: Ways to Polish Your Image: Retention Tools. Tools You Can Use. Closing Notes from the Mirror. Retention Is a Natural Outcome. About the Authors. Index. Pfeiffer Publication Guide.


Janice Fenn is the senior director of global Diversity at Kraft Foods. Formerly, she founded Professional Resources Organization, Inc., a consulting firm specializing in diversity strategy development, coaching in diverse interactions and diversity training seminars. Chandra Irvin is the founder and president of Irvin, Goforth and Irvin, LLC, a consulting firm that specializes in building strategies and solutions to improve relationships and performance in diverse environments.


"...essential reading for any manager, HR officer or company director" (Reading Chronicle, 12th January 2006)
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