Cycle Spaces of Flag Domains

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Dezember 2005



Driven by numerous examples from the complex geometric viewpoint

New results presented for the first time

Widely accessible, with all necessary background material provided for the nonspecialist

Comparisons with classical Barlet cycle spaces are given

Good bibliography and index


* Dedication
* Acknowledgments
* Introduction
Part I: Introduction to Flag Domain Theory
* Structure of Complex Flag Manifolds
* Real Group Orbits
* Orbit Structure for Hermitian Symmetric Spaces
* Open Orbits
* The Cycle Space of a Flag Domain
Part II: Cycle Spaces as Universal Domains
* Universal Domains
* B-Invariant Hypersurfaces in Mz
* Orbit Duality via Momentum Geometry
* Schubert Slices in the Context of Duality
* Analysis of the Boundary of U
* Invariant Kobayashi-Hyperbolic Stein Domains
* Cycle Spaces of Lower-Dimensional Orbits
* Examples
Part III: Analytic and Geometric Concequences
* The Double Fibration Transform
* Variation of Hodge Structure
* Cycles in the K3 Period Domain
Part IV: The Full Cycle Space
* Combinatorics of Normal Bundles of Base Cycles
* Methods for Computing H1(C;O(E((q+0q)s)))
* Classification for Simple g0 with rank t < rank g
* Classification for rank t = rank g
* References
* Index
* Symbol Index


From the reviews:"Cycle spaces can be a useful tool in the study of real semisimple Lie groups, and the research monograph which is reviewed here is devoted to describing their features. The exposition ... is in principle self-contained for a good graduate reader, who will also find a wealth of concrete examples. ... the approach used by the authors throughout this monograph is based on a combination of group-theoretical methods ... the result is an intriguing melting pot, opening interesting perspectives of interaction among different research branches." (Corrado Marastoni, Mathematical Reviews, Issue 2006 h)"A systematic exposition of the background, methods, and recent results in the theory of cycle spaces of flag domains. ... The value of this progress in mathematics volume to a wide group of researchers ... is indisputable. They all will admire the volume for the many new results presented for the first time. Your reviewer would strongly recommend that you spend a few hours with this volume long enough to familiarize yourself with its contents. You'll be back for the details when you need them." (Current Engineering Practice, Vol. 48, 2005-2006)
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