Economics, Sustainability, and Natural Resources

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August 2005



Forest resources are an ideal starting point for economic analysis of sustainability. In this book, leading economists discuss key aspects of sustainability and sustainable forest management including complexity, ethical issues, consumer choice theory, intergenerational equity, non-convexities, and multiple equilibria. This systematic critique of neoclassical economic approaches is followed by a companion work, Institutions, Sustainability, and Natural Resources: Institutions for Sustainable Forest Management, Volume 2 in the series.


List of Figures and Tables. About the Contributors. Preface and Acknowledgements.
1. Sustainability, Economics, and Forest Management; Shashi Kant & R. Albert Berry.
Part one: Complexity, Ethics, and The Economics of Sustainable Forest Management.
2. Complexity, Muddling Through, and Sustainable Forest Management; David Colander.
3. Inter-temporal Ethics, Modern Capital Theory and the Economics of Sustainable Forest Management; M. Ali Khan.
Part two: Consumer Choice Theory and The Economics of Sustainable Forest Management.
4. Post-Keynesian Consumer Choice Theory for the Economics of Sustainable Forest Management; Marc Lavoie.
5. Behavioral Economics and Sustainable Forest Management; Jack L. Knetsch.
6. How Sustainable is Discounting?; Colin Price.
Part three: Social Choice Theory and the Economics of Sustainable Forest Management.
7. Intergenerational Equity and the Forest Management Problem; Tapan Mitra.
8. Can Stock-specific Sustainability Constraints be justified?; Geir B. Asheim & Wolfgang Buchholz.
Part four: Non-linearities, Multiple Equilibria and the Economics of sustainable forest management.
9. Complexities of Dynamic Forest Management Policies; J. Barkley Rosser, Jr.
10. Non-linearities, Biodiversity Conservation and Sustainable Forest Management; Jeffrey R. Vincent & Matthew D. Potts.
11. Joint Forest Management: Experience and Modeling; Milindo Chakrabarti, Samar K. Dutta, E. Lance Howe & Jeffrey B. Nugent.
Part five: Epilogue.
12. Post-Newtonian Economics and Sustainable Forest Management; Shashi Kant.


From the reviews:
"This book is very different from other literature regarding 'sustainability'. ... consists of 12 chapters covering a variety of perspectives on 'sustainability' in forest management. ... an excellent effort in terms of providing a broader picture of economics and its applications to sustainability. ... I would suggest that all economists and other professionals and practitioners who believe that the dominant contemporary economic paradigm is too narrow should read this book." (Yaoqi Zhang, International Forestry Review, Vol. 8, December, 2006)
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