The Meaning of History

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Berdyaev considered the philosophy of history as a field that laid the foundations of the Russian national consciousness. Its disputes were centered on distinctions between slavophiles and Westerners, East and West. The Meaning of History was an early effort, following World War I, that attempted to revive this perspective. With the removal of Communism as a ruling system in Russia, that nation returned to an elaboration of a religious philosophy of history as the specific mission of Russian thought. This volume thus has contemporary significance. Its sense of the apocalypse, which distinguishes Russian from Western thought, gives the book its specifically religious character.


Nikolai Berdyaev had a cultural rather than political abhorrence of the Bolshevik regime, and in 1922, he was expelled from Russia for what was considered his religious mysticism. Among his many works are The Russian Idea and Origin of Russian Communism. Maria Nemcova Banerjee is professor of Russian at Smith College. She is the author of Terminal Paradox: The Novels of Milan Kundera.

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