On Literature, Culture, & Religion

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Dezember 2005



On Literature, Culture, and Religion is an ideal introduction to a seminal American thinker. Irving Babbitts opinions were uncompromising, and his vocal allies and opponents included almost every name in American literature and scholarship: T. S. Eliot, Edmund Wilson, Paul Elmer More, H. L. Mencken, and Sinclair Lewis. A founder of New Humanism, Babbitt was best known for his indictment of Romanticism and his insistence that the modern age had gone wrong. Babbitt argued for a renewal of humanistic values and standards- which he found best articulated in classical Greece, Hinduism, and Buddhism. The selections cover topics central to Babbitt: criticism, Romanticism, classical literature, French literature, education, democracy, and Buddhism. The original annotation is retained. Brief introductions to the essays place them in the Babbitt canon.


George A. Panichas is professor emeritus of English at the University of Maryland and editor of Modern Age: A Quarterly Review. He is the author of Adventure in Consciousness: The Meaning of D. H. Lawrence's Religious Quest, Dostoevsky's Spiritual Art: The Burden of Vision (available from Transaction), The Reverent Discipline: Essays in Literary Criticism and Culture, and The Courage of Judgment: Essays in Criticism, Culture, and Society.

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