Essential Biotech Investment Guide, The: How to Invest in the Healthcare Biotechnology and Life Sciences Sector

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November 2002



This invaluable book tells the reader how to invest in the healthcare biotechnology and life science sector, one of the fast-growing sectors of the US economy. Aimed at biotech investors as well as bioentrepreneurs and venture capitalists, it has been written from the perspectives of risk management and asset management. It strives to teach readers how to fish, rather than giving them fish. The author has over ten years of Wall Street experience in biotech research, investment banking and asset management. He holds an MBA in Finance and a PhD in Biochemistry.


Biotech Stock for Wealth Growth: An Essential Portion of Asset; The Basics of Investing; An Introduction to Biotechnology and Genomics; Understanding Biotechnology Invention and the FDA Approval Process; Introduction to Biotechnology Investing; How to Value and Invest in a Biotech Company; Investing in Biotechnology Mutual Funds; Healthcare Biotech Index Investing: Strategies Using Exchange-Traded-Funds (ETFs), Biotech iShares, and BOXES; Risk Management Consideration for Biotech Investors with Concentrated Equity Positions; Managing Biotech Stock Options: Your Employee Benefits; An Introduction to Healthcare Biotechnology Hedge Fund Investing; An Introduction to Healthcare Biotechnology Private Equity Investing; Retirement Planning Considerations for Biotech Executives and Investors; Charitable Disposition of Appreciated Biotech Stocks; Managing Your Biotech Wealth-Estate Planning for Biotech Investors, Executives, and Founders.
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