Twentieth Century Neurology: The British Contribution

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November 2001



Neuroscience is one of the scientific fields where progress in the 20th century has been spectacular. With the coming of the new millennium, it is appropriate to look at some of the advances and the neurologists who helped to produce them. The original contributions in this volume reflect the background against which the rapid advances have taken place in the past 100 years.


Sir Charles Sherrington OM, PRS (1857-1952), W.C. Gibson; Henry Head (1861-1940), C. Gardner-Thorpe; the British contribution to aphasiology, K. Poeck; the concept of hemispheric lateralisation, J. Stein; James Hinshelwood (1859-1919) and developmental dyslexia, W.M.H Behan; Wilfred Harris (1869-1960), E. Nieman; Sir Gordon Holmes (1876-1965), W. Penfield; Sir Gordon Holmes - a personal reminiscence, M. Critchley; Gordon Holmes' work on sensation and his association with Henry Head, R. Henson; looking and seeing - Gordon Holmes' 1936 John Mallet Purser lecture revisited, C. Kennard; Kinnier Wilson (1878-1937) and his books, B. Ashworth and E. Jellinek; movement disorders, K.B. Bhattacharyya; Kernicterus, B. Corner; the watershed of neurosurgery, J.R. Heron; Sir Victor Horsley (1857-1916) revisited, J. Lyons; neurosurgery in the 1920S and 30s, B. Lichterman; neurolathyrism, D.F. Cohn and D. Paleacu; from Treponemes to Prions - the emergence of British neuropathology, J. Geddes; mitochondrial myopathies, H.R. Cock and A.H.V. Schapira; British and American neurologists meet - London, 1927, M. Flye and J. Toole; the influence of British neurology on Harvard neurology and vice versa, H.R. Tyler.
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