Princes and Princely Culture: 1450-1650; Volume 1

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Oktober 2003



This book contains thirteen essays on European princes and princely culture between 1450 and 1650. Many products of medieval and renaissance culture literature, music, political ideology, social and governmental structures, the fine arts, and even forms of devotional practice found their best expression in the context of the courts of greater and lesser princes. This volume, the first of two concentrating on the late Middle Ages and the Early Modern Era, has essays on selected courts north of the Alps and the Pyrenees: the court of Burgundy under the Valois dukes, that of France under Catherine de Midicis and of Henry IV, that of Scotland under Jameses III, IV, V, VI and of Mary, Queen of Scots, that of Margaret of Austria at Mechelen, of Scandinavia, of Heidelberg under Frederick the Victorious and Philip the Upright, and that of Maximilian I.


Preface Contributors List of Plates
1. Princely Culture: Friendship or Patronage?, Martin Gosman
2. The Symbolism of Rulership, Olaf Morke
3. The Princely Culture of the Valois Dukes of Burgundy, Arjo Vanderjagt
4. The Images of Empire: Francis I and his Cartographers, Gayle K. Brunelle
5. Princely Culture and Catherine de Medicis, Margriet Hoogvliet
6. Henry IV and the Diseased Body Politic, Annette Finley-Croswhite
7. Princely Culture in Scotland under James III and James IV, Alasdair A. MacDonald
8. James V of Scots as Literary Patron, Janet Hadley Williams
9. The Reassertion of Princely Power in Scotland: The Reigns of Mary, Queen of Scots and King James VI, Michael Lynch
10. A Cultural Centre in the Southern Netherlands: The Court of Archduchess Margaret of Austria (1480-1530) in Mechelen, Dagmar Eichberger
11. Courts and Culture in Renaissance Scandinavia, Alan Swanson
12. Power and Creativity at the Court of Heidelberg, Rita Schlusemann
13. The Court of Emperor Maximilian I, Jan-Dirk Muller Bibliography Index


Martin Gosman, Ph.D. (1982) is Professor of Romance Languages and Literature at the University of Groningen. He has published many articles on the medieval Alexander and on ideas of political power in the Middle Ages and Early Modern Europe. His most recent monograph is La legende d'Alexandre le Grand dans la litterature francaise du 12e siecle (1997). He is the editor (with Volker Honemann) of Kultureller Wandel vom Mittelalter zur Fruhen Neuzeit and of Groningen Studies in Cultural Change. Alasdair MacDonald, Ph.D. (1978) is Professor of Medieval English Language and Literature at the University of Groningen. He has published widely on the medieval and renaissance literature and culture of Scotland and England. He is the co-editor of The Renaissance in Scotland: Studies in Literature, Religion, History and Culture (1994) and of A Palace in the Wild: Essays on Vernacular Culture and Humanism (2000). Arjo Vanderjagt, Ph.D. (1981) is Professor of the History of Ideas and of Medieval Studies at the University of Groningen. He has published extensively on the anthropology of the Church Fathers, the thought of Anselm of Canterbury, the political ideology of the fifteenth-century dukes of Burgundy, and on Northern Humanism. His latest book is a translation into Dutch of Anselm's De casu diaboli, with introductions and commentary (2002).
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